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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Six more motherscratching weeks...

  So the most famous giant rodent in the Western Hemisphere gave us his word on winter on Tuesday and honestly, SCREW YOU PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL.  Anyways, we shouldn't be surprised since it has been a harsher than normal season so far and all the predictions were that we were going to really get it this year.
I was lucky enough to get out for a long run today on the Woodlawn Trustees Trail, given that with the forecast for the weekend, it probably won't be great running conditions for the next few days.  I for one don't mind running in the winter, or in the snow and ice for that matter (I just can't stand treadmills).  I have a few great pairs of trail shoes that grip the elements well.  I favor Asics, particularly the Gel Trail Attack 5, below   and the Gel Trabuco, below those.

     Both are rugged and bulky enough like a hiker, but  light and well cushioned enough like a runner with the classic Asics feel.  They are also water resistant, which comes in handy this time of year.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great winter training shoe, especially if you've worn Asics before.  The Trail Attacks felt great today even after running for an hour through muddy snow covered feet were totally dry.  I also wore a pair of Nike long compression socks, which not help alleviate pain from shin splints, but also add a little warmth if you're like me and won't touch a pair of tights, no matter how cold it is.  They're actually made for soccer, but function very well anytime running for extended periods.  They keep my feet nice, warm and dry and have never given me blisters.  Until spring, they are the go to sock. 
     This week not only marks the 6 week countdown until spring (hopefully), but also the 6 week countdown until the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon.  I am just over 2 weeks into my training and am up to about 20 miles a week.  My hope is to add a mile to my long run each week (I did 6 miles today) and top out at about 35 miles a week before the race.  To make it interesting, I'm also doing fundraising for the race's sponsor and benefactor, the American Lung Association of Delaware.  If you would like to make a donation to help fight lung disease in my name, you may do so here at my homepage.  It's totally tax deductible, would help me reach my goal and would go to a great cause.  So if you donate, thank you very much and if not, shame on you, you should.  So enjoy the winter wonderland this weekend and until next time, good night and good running.

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