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Monday, February 01, 2010

Balls of Fury...

     Alright, so you're a decent runner, and you want to maybe step it up a little bit.  Or maybe you just want to feel stronger and more confident while out there or just in your daily travels.
Weight Training...I know, it sounds so heavy...imposing...time consuming...or you just like to run and don't want to get too big.  All excuses, at least for the workout that I do to supplement my running routine.  I actually don't use weights, at least not heavy ones.  I go to the gym, but everything I do there I could do at home, so I think my $50 a month YMCA membership will be coming to a close come spring.  The elements to keep in mind here are low weight, medium reps and high quality. 
I like to use weighted medicine balls,  found at most gyms and available at any sporting goods store.  I found 2 great ones, 8 & 10 pounds each at the Sports Authority on sale for less than $30 each, so don't say you can't find any.  Now I am in half marathon training, so I am serious about my training.  I currently am running every other day...Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I do my weight training and conditioning Monday and Wednesday.  I either swim, bike or do an easy jog on Fridays and I rest on Sunday.  My Mon./Wed. routine starts with a 15-20 minute cardio to get my heart rate up, then some light stretching and yoga moves to get nice and limber.  I then proceed to go through a mix of different moves standing up, sitting down and on my back with both the 8 and 10 pound balls.
Here is a great regimen to follow, this one followed by Tyler Hansbrough and the UNC Tarheels basketball team...I think it must've done some good, given that it helped them win a little something called the National Championship last spring.  
     Since I started using the balls as opposed to free weights and barbells, I feel stronger, more flexible and have much more energy not just on my runs but throughout my day.  It also takes a lot less time, and you can do it in your living room.  You'll have more time, more energy and like me, maybe some more money saved from that Y membership.  Until next time, good night & good running.

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