Run to Live, Live to Run

Sunday, May 27, 2007

If you're reading this, you have too much time on your hands

The weather's nice so time to get outside and enjoy should too. Life is far too short to be spent sitting at a computer, so without further ado...

Top 10 things to do this summer instead of blogging (including reading others' blogs)

10) Go to the beach and relax
9) Go somewhere you've never been before (may I suggest San Francisco or Seattle, where I've already ventured to this year & plan on going back soon)
8) If you don't already, sign up for some sort of social club or gathering such as a
book club, bridge club, running club, dog park, etc...
7) The next time you are thinking of sitting and surfing the web for an undetermined amount
of time, turn on some good music, get in a comfy chair with a beverage of choice (for me right now it's Magic Hat #9) and actually listen to the music...
6) Grab a good book & go to the park & spend a few good hours feeding your mind...I just picked up Michael Chabon's new book & I plan on getting at least a hundred pages read after work tomorrow
5) Go see some live music...outside if possible, with plenty of good food & beverages...go to your favorite radio station's website (here in Philly it's 88.5 WXPN) and check out the calendar
4) If you don't already have one, get a bike and try riding to work if close enough, and other close destinations that you would normally waste gas on
3) Go to your your nearest baseball field or stadium and take in the sights and sounds of America's past time (Go Phils)
2) If you don't already have one, go down to your nearest animal shelter and give a pooch a home...I mean you can get a cat but come on, dogs rule & we all know cats are evil & then you a have reason to take a walk or run at least twice a day, so like me, you'll never have to diet
1) Take one day and call out of work...turn off your phone, don't check your email and just
relax, maybe do one or some of the above but more importantly, enjoy the moment simply for
what it is...and believe it or not, it's actually a lot of fun even if you're by yourself...

Ok, so you may or may not agree with all this, but that's just to give you an idea of how I'm feeling these days...I just don't feel feel any need to blog. Maybe it's just a fall/winter hibernation type activity for me. I may or may not continue at some point in the future, but in the meantime, you can catch me at the beach, the park, various music festivals (check out WXPN's fest in July if possible), up at the ballpark, on my bike, out for a run with the dog, get the picture. So until next time, have a safe and wonderful summer.
PS-Also, if you can somehow persuade yourself to sign up for some volunteer or charity work, do'll be amazed at how much you enjoy it.