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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ollabelle loves Delaware...

I am going to get back to regular posting soon enough, and I thought a proper occasion to do so would be to spread the word about my current musical obsession...Ollabelle. They're based in NYC, and have been around a few years now, having put out their second studio album, Riverside Battle Songs, last summer. They tour relentlessly, and last night made their third trip back to Delaware, playing the historic and cozy Gild Hall up in the village of Arden. It was the second time I had seen them, and they definitely don't disappoint. Whether you're a fan of Americana, folk, rock or just all around amazing musicianship, you should check them out. All five members share singing, playing and songwriting duties, and last night we were treated to a guest spot of 2 legendary locals, harmonica virtuoso Bob Beach and none other than Wilmington violin merchant and musical icon David Bromberg. Altogether an amazing show, mixing originals and various covers, including "Jesus on the Mainline", "John the Revelator" and a rousing version of "Ain't no more Cane" the Dylan/Band classic first played on the Basement tapes sessions by Olabelle member Amy Helm's dad, Levon Helm, the legendary drummer for The Band. Below are links to their website, as well as a video of a recent performance of them.
Enjoy, and catch them live next chance you get.

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TommyWonk said...

Good write up of a great show!

I just noticed your blog and will be back.