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Monday, February 12, 2007

All roads lead to the Band...

You could say the Band are an obsession with me. And why not? They were Bob Dylan's original backing band, they had 4 different singers and songwriters(try that kind of multitasking) and they had Martin freaking Scorcese make a movie about them breaking up, the now classic concert/documentary The Last Waltz...and now they are truly legendary as ever. It's sad that we'll never be treated to hearing them play live again, given that Richard Manuel and Rick Danko, two of the most unique voices and talented players, are no longer with us. But we do take solace in knowing that the surviving members and their offspring still make great music today (See Ollabelle) and that one hell of a tribute album has finally been released. Endless Highway-the music of the Band was released a few weeks ago and collects a nice mix of young and old, known and unknown, faithful and reinvented in interpreting this wonderful influential music that needs to be heard. Here are just a few of my faves, classics done by the likes of My Morning Jacket, Jack Johnson & Death Cab for Cutie, in that order...Enjoy.

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