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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just five days away...

Hey there everyone,  it's been one hell of a winter, but the light at the end of the tunnel has finally arrived.  At about 1:32pm this Saturday, try and observe a moment of silence to officially kick this winter goodbye.  And luckily, the weather is supposed to stay clear on Sunday just in time for the Caesar Rodney half marathon, Delaware's largest and oldest road race.  Hell Yes am I ready...I'll be toeing the start line with over a thousand other runners who have suffered training through one of the worst seasons in recent memory.  This week is one of the most important of race training, also known as the taper week.  After all the tempo runs, speedwork, hills and repeats in addition to the lonely weekend long runs, the taper week is a nice reward.  The "taper" refers to tapering back mileage to conserve energy and stay fresh for the grueling long distance of a race.  For example, at my peak I ran about 28 miles total for the week, that being 2 weeks ago.  I ran my longest training run, being 12 miles, the Sunday before last.  This past week I ran 23 miles, with an 8 miler on Sunday after the monsoon cleared out.  This week however will be much lighter.  I took off yesterday and then ran about 4.5 miles nice and easy on the trail today.  I will do conditioning and strength training tomorrow and then do a nice and easy 4-5 miles on Thursday.  Friday will be an off day and Saturday will be a relaxing day before the race (which will be hard since it's suppose to be sunny and near 70 degrees)...probably a nice bike ride, a good dog walk and then off my feet for the night.  A good filling dinner, probably chicken and rice with plenty of water (no alcohol on a Saturday night...sheer willpower) and then to bed by 9pm.  I'll be up around 6:30 race morning to fuel up with peanut butter toast and a banana and some green tea.  No coffee or dairy...they tend to not treat my system so great when mixed with physical exercise.  Race time 9:30am sharp...10 weeks of training coming to fruition in about an hour and a half's time.
The forecast is about 50 degrees and partly other words, perfect.  I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous, mainly because I've trained nice and pain free for the first time in awhile.  My fingers will be crossed until I cross that finish line. I'll check in again this weekend with a full report after finishing (and after finishing a few Guinnesses)...thanks again for reading and we'll talk again soon.

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Amy said...

It seems the race has so much preparation. Looking forward for more run post from you.

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