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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Any Pearl Jam is better than no Pearl Jam...

Hey everybody, I know not everyone are Pearl Jam fans, but myself and most others in the civilized world that I know happen to be. So it is with great joy to officially have some new PJ...if you've seen the preview for the new Adam Sandler flick Reign Over Me then you have heard it. A rousing and faithful cover of the Who's classic tune is the centerpiece and namesake of the film, and it happens to be on the Pearl Jam fanclub's official holiday single just mailed out. The song, along with a great live version of Neil Young's rebellion anthem "Rocking in the Free World", is a worthy addition to the already hugely wonderful PJ catalog. Here are the songs, along with a link to the fansites below, if you want to shell out the 20 bucks and "officially" become a Pearl Jam follower. Another thing, you can be the judge, but I think Roger Daltrey is probably thinking right now he should've recorded Eddie's scream to take along to play on last year's reunion's pretty impressive.

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